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Management Training Australia focuses on delivering training and development that is of high take home value. We do this by:

1. Using presenters who are not only high quality communicators, but also who are current managers. Their depth and freshness of hands-on experience delivers a highly practical experience for the participants.

2. Including the participant's real work scenarios
in every section of every workshop. The participants then decide on work changes to make during the workshop.

3. Using a variety of learning approaches. We not only have highly relevant material and engaging presenters, but we also use a variety of learning approaches including video, discussions, role plays, training games and team exercises. This keeps the participant engaged and focussed through the whole workshop.

The following video addresses the key issues to consider in training managers.


P.O. Box 281, Vermont, Victoria Australia, 3133
P.O. Box 281, Vermont,
Victoria, Australia, 3133



We conduct development programs for managers to assist in personal and organisational development. We use diagnostics and assessments, training workshops, planning sessions and coaching sessions to bring development to where it is most needed.

Samples of our diagnostics can be found at www.odi.net.au

Click on the video and pdf links below for more information.

Cultural Development Program (pdf)

Workgroup Climate Program (pdf)

Leadership Development Program (pdf)

Innovation Development Program (pdf)


We conduct multiple day training programs for all levels of management in-house and off-site. We tailor these programs to suit your needs. You can include any of our workshops in these programs. Click on the links below for a pdf of sample programs or a video describing the scope of these programs.

Senior Management (pdf) (video)
Management Essentials (pdf) (video)
Personal Effectiveness (pdf) (video)

brochureWe conduct a range of half-day and full day workshops from Customer Service to Cultural Change.Click on the links below or on the brochure on the right (pdf).

Building leadership styles
Career development
Change management
Changing organisational culture
Creating and casting vision
Coaching people
Developing performance
Developing leadership attributes
Developing thinking skills
Effective communication
Emotional intelligence
Excellent customer service
Facilitating innovation
Increasing your influence
Lifting workgroup climate
Managing a team
Motivating people
Organisational communication
Personality styles
Project management
Public speaking
Strategic planning
Stress management
Talent management
Team development

Time management

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